Secret Valley Explorers - Railbikes


Railbikes are not useable by persons over 250 lbs in weight or under 4'6" in height. You will NOT be permitted to ride the bike if you exceed the weight limit or are not the minimum height.

Excursion Information

How much does it cost to ride the bikes?:
The cost of the tour is $250.00 per bike. Our bikes are currently set up to seat groups of 1 to 4 riders. If you only have two riders, the bikes offer a great opportunity to invite some friends!


The three-seater bike option is sold for $200.00.  There are two three-seater bikes available for each excursion, specifically because a staff person rides on the first and on the last bike of each group ride.  The discount applies because you are agreeing to sit with a staff guide.


Where do we board the Railbikes?
Trips depart from, and return to, Boyertown Station which is located at 64 S. Washington Street Boyertown, PA. There is a parking lot available for your convenience.


Trip Duration, Time, and Distance:
Each 5-mile excursion lasts approximately 2 hours. At the end of the 5-mile bike ride, you will be greeted by our locomotive and open car which will give you a ride back to the station.

The Secret Valley Excursions – Railbikes of the Colebrookdale Railroad is a nonprofit organization.  While there may be other rail bike companies – we are unique because our mission ensures education, employment, inclusion, and accessibility.

Your donations provide employment opportunities for people on the Autism Spectrum – a population group that experiences an unemployment rate of more than 80%.  We are proud to begin this unique project.  Some members of our train crew – who will take you back to the train yard – are also on the Autism Spectrum.  They, too, sincerely appreciate your support. 

More – your donations provide us the opportunity to fund the 2nd Generation of railbikes. The first significant change includes the electrification of our speeder and our railbikes.  Next season – the speeder will be quiet and clean!  The railbikes will be equipped with electric motors to assist those who need that additional pedaling support.  We are making biking accessible to everyone.


We are designing all new bikes – that are ADA compliant and fully accessible so that people of all sizes, ages, and abilities can bicycle with us.  We will accommodate those with visual, physical, and mental disabilities such that all people can bicycle – many for the very first time in their lives.  Your ticket purchase will make this possible. 


Thank you.

Experience a section of the trail no other passengers have yet pedaled.




Depart from Glasgow, 1410 Old Glasgow Road, Pottstown, PA


Special Offer – Discounted prices throughout the Autumnal Season! Four-person bikes are reduced from $250 to $155 per bike, and the limited three-person bikes are discounted from $200 to only $120.


Now is the BEST time to ride the line!  Fall foliage is bursting in vibrant colors of Fall.  For all riders -- this is a shorter ride and provides everyone just a taste of the experience.  Total mileage is about a four-mile round-trip ride. (That's right -- you pedal two miles north, turn around, and pedal two miles back.)


MORE!  Take pictures of or with our Steam Engine!  (Exclusive opportunity to photograph the engine or pose in front for a keepsake picture.

Parking Address:  1410 Old Glasgow St., Pottstown, PA 19464

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